Actions and means involved 

We will start with the setup of demonstration plots with sensors to measure soil and plant water status in different fruit trees farms in three Irrigators’ Community in Murcia and Andalucía Regions. Then, the sustainable irrigation scheduling and adjustment of the irrigation water amount according to the measurements of the sensors will be transferred to the rest of the Irrigators’ Community fields. We will assess the interaction between the sustainable irrigation with environmental conditions. Water and energy consumption, runoff water quantity and quality, water leaching depth, NO3- leaching and the capability of the soil to fix carbon will be evaluated according to the irrigation strategy.

Measurements of the vegetative growth, fruit physicochemical parameters and crop yield so the irrigation can be adjusted at every moment if it is necessary for their adaptation to the quality standards of exportation. We will evaluate the crop yields and the final fruit quality at harvest in order to verify the effectiveness of the sustainable irrigation strategy. As a final and practical step, a model will be created for its use by farmers and irrigations communities so they can implement efficient irrigation for sustainable agriculture in all fields.

Communication and dissemination activities will develop publications, seminars, training courses, technical visits to spread the knowledge gathered through the development of the project. It will imply the involvement of different stakeholders.

Project management will serve to monitor the progress of the project and will provide coordination and management methodologies to supervise the overall correct implementation of the project. It will also include an external audit to oversee financing and administrative performance of the project, networking activities with other related projects and entities, and the development of an After LIFE Communication Plan.